Easily repair your sofa and chair springs from underneath using these revolutionary steel brackets. No need to remove the top fabric.

A sagging sofa is usually caused by a failure of the mechanism that attaches the “zig zag” springs to the frame. Traditionally, repairing this failure could be a time consuming and costly affair, requiring removal of the top fabric.

With our Sofa Saver brackets, the springs can be easily reattached to the frame from underneath.

Easily repair your sofa springs

 Make a secure, permanent repair

 No need to remove the top fabric

What our customers say…

Just the job when having to fit a couple of springs to a settee. Impossible to fit the nailed brackets, as originally fitted, due to their position. These make it simple by their vertical attachment and using screws into wood.

Mr B – Perfect 5*

Really simple and easy to use. If you’re in any doubt just look at the pictures to see easily how they are used. Took me a total of 5 minutes to secure in place and that included lifting and dropping the couch.

Mr J – Easy to use 5*

Brilliant item. I was able to mend 3 seats on 3 settees. It wasn’t easy, but so much cheaper then either getting it done professionally or buying new settees. The instructions were clear and very useful.

Mr A – Brilliant 5*

Very good, well designed. Saved me a lot of money.

Mr R – Spot On 5*